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What is PROKERA?

Do you suffer from a severe ocular condition that left you with inflammation or scarring? Then, you may be a candidate for PROKERA. PROKERA is a medical device that resembles an extra thick contact lens and contains a small piece of human amniotic membrane tissue that is held in place by two outer rings of clear, flexible material. It is a state-of-the-art, FDA approved amniotic membrane technology that helps relieve symptoms like inflammation from various eye conditions and helps the eyes heal properly. PROKERA is often recommended by our eye doctors at Epic Vision Eye Centers, and ophthalmologists in Kansas, to patients with ocular diseases.

PROKERA Promotes Healing of The Eye Surface

The amniotic membrane in PROKERA was donated by consenting mothers after C-section births. The membrane is a clear, thin substance similar to human eye tissue. Just as amniotic tissue protects an unborn baby from harm, the stem cells from it enhance the health and healing for patients with an eye injury or disease. Our eye doctors suggest PROKERA to patients to treat their corneal scars, chemical burns, and other eye surface injuries and conditions.

PROKERA Is Safe And FDA-Approved

The amniotic tissue in PROKERA comes from an FDA regulated tissue bank. The tissue has passed many quality tests before it reaches to eye doctors. The outer rings that hold the amniotic membrane in place are somewhat thicker than the typical contact lens. For some patients, the PROKERA device may cause slight discomfort to sensitive eyes. To promote healing and reduce dryness caused by exposure to the air, eye doctors may use tape or temporary sutures to partially close the eye.

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