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We are a full service eye care provider and accept both emergency and regular appointments. Our personal attention and professional care will make you glad you chose to come to our eye centers for all of your vision-related needs. Our financing options will keep your visits stress-free as well. We work with many insurance companies and offer financing options like Care Credit as well.

About our Doctors

Our optometrists come from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds and have the diverse training needed to meet all of your eye care needs. They expertly cover our 10 different locations in Kansas and Missouri. The services they offer include eye exams, provision of prescriptions for glasses and contacts, glaucoma testing, and both pre- and post-operative care.

Our Services

Eye exams are one of the mainstays of any optometry clinic, and ours is no exception. We offer exams at all of our offices. These exams test for visual acuity as well as the presence of diseases such as glaucoma.

Glasses, sunglasses, frames and contact lenses are also offered at all offices. If your exam says you need a prescription, we can turn that prescription into glasses or contacts for you.

LASIK surgery is another one of our offerings. If you don't want to wear glasses or contacts, but need vision correction, this could be your answer. This surgery corrects the focus of your corneas in a permanent way, so you likely won't have to wear any kind of corrective lenses again.

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is an alternative for those who aren't good candidates for LASIK or other vision-correction surgeries. It's also preferred by those who simply want to avoid surgery or are leery of making permanent changes to their eyes. Ortho-K uses special hard contact lenses to reshape your corneas overnight. In the morning, you take out the lenses and enjoy good vision all day.

We also offer services like vision therapy, which uses exercises and other methods to help your eyes work together, track objects, and do other "visual skill" tasks. This therapy does not improve basic acuity, but instead, focuses on other problems that can interfere with gaining and processing images correctly.

Computer vision treatment is a relatively new offering that is made in response to the ever-increasing amounts of time spent looking at screens. If you have headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and related symptoms, you likely have computer vision syndrome. We will devise a tailor-made treatment plan for you that can include a variety of modalities to relieve discomfort and improve your vision both at the screen and away from it.

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