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If you have an eye emergency (including eye pain or sudden vision loss) please call the office directly. If the office is closed and no after hour number to call is given on our answering system please report to your local emergency room immediately.

Epic Vision Eye Centers: Optometry Services in Smithville, MO

Our eye center in Smithville, MO provides our customers with full optometry services. Each doctor in our center is a certified optometrist, and they all come from a wide range of backgrounds. Their expert training and varied experience means that they are able to provide the best eye care possible. Your vision is something valuable, and we do our best to make your visit to an optometrist an enjoyable one. When your eyes are evaluated by a doctor from our optometry clinic, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have been treated by a true professional. Besides offering regular optometry appointments, we also provide emergency eye care services. We have various financing options available and work with many health insurance companies.

Eye Care Services

We offer a full range of eye care services to help you with all of your vision needs. Our complete list of services is extensive, but begins with regular eye exams that you can receive in all of our offices. While evaluating your vision, we also take note of any early signs of eye disease, such as glaucoma. If the vision tests show that you need vision correction, you can choose from our large array of fashionable and quality eyewear. Our collection includes many types and styles of frames, glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. We can either provide you with a prescription or we can fill that prescription for you so you can walk out of any of our offices with new eyeglasses.

Besides glasses, our vision specialists can evaluate you for and manage LASIK surgery. By permanently correcting the focus of your corneas, you can alleviate the need for glasses altogether. Other types of eye care therapy include Orthokeratology, which is also referred to as Ortho-K. While it is not a surgical solution like LASIK, it takes advantage of hard contact lenses that reshape the cornea during the night while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, just remove the special lenses and enjoy improved vision. We can also recommend vision therapy, which consists of eye exercises and visual skill tasks that can help your eyes process images. Computer vision treatment is yet one more type of treatment plan that we can offer you to correct your vision.

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If you want to make an appointment at one of our full service eye care centers, click here to find the nearest Eye Center Vision Center. You will find a listing of all our MO branches and can choose the optometry center nearest you. Check the hours available and get on the path to better vision today!

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