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Dodge City

Dodge City: 620-227-2471
2405 Central Ave
Dodge City KS 67801
United States

Phone: 620-227-2471

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Epic Vision Eye Centers in Dodge City

At Epic Eye Vision Center in Dodge City KS, we have years of experiencing helping people like you overcome common optometry issues. We hire a broad range of doctor and optometrist types to ensure that you get the best treatment available. So please read on to learn more about what we have to offer.

Optometry Services We Provide

There are many beneficial services that we provide to people like you every day. These include examinations that are designed to find any problems with your sight and treat it quickly. Diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration can be found and managed before they become such an issue that you can no longer see.

However, we also provide fitting for various types of glasses and contact lenses. We'll help you find the frames that work the best for your face and your style and get the right lenses for your sight needs. Beyond that, we also help treat problems such as computer syndrome treatment, which occurs when you use a computer for extended periods.

Vision Problems We Can Help

There are many issues with your eyes that we can help to treat. For example, refraction problems can make your sight blurry and make it difficult for you to see. Typically, this problem can be treated by glasses, contact lenses, various types of sunglasses, or even surgery. It all depends on the severity of the problem and your treatment desire.

However, we can also help with ocular muscle control issues, such as an inability to focus on an object or a piece of text. These issues are typically managed by using a variety of exercises to improve the strength in your muscles and to make it easier for you to control where you look.

Providing LASIK Eye Care

LASIK surgery has become a popular method for correcting a person's eye shape and improving their sight. Our optometry specialists can perform this treatment method and get your sight back into shape. It typically takes place in less than an hour and you can walk out of the office when it is done.

If for some reason you are not a good candidate for LASIK, PRK surgery is a good option. It takes a little longer to perform but vision correction should be noticeable in a few days. And if surgery of any type isn't up to you, Ortho-K, or hard contacts worn during the night, can also correct your sight during the day.

Let Epic Vision Eye Centers Take Care of Your Optometry Needs

If you live in Dodge City KS and need an optometrist you can trust, please don't hesitate to contact our Epic Vision Eye Center location near you at 620-227-2471 or visit our contact page. Here, you can set up an appointment with a specific doctor and get the eye care and treatment that you need to improve your sight.

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