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Contact Lenses Vs Glasses

The Role Your Optometrist Plays When It Comes to Your Vision

Finding the best option for your daily vision needs is essential to your quality of life. Not only is having the wrong prescription for your glasses or contacts detrimental to you at work and recreationally, but it can also bring about headaches and other health issues. So many factors come into play when choosing an optometry clinic that meets your needs. At Epic Vision Eye Centers, conveniently located throughout Kansas in the following cities: Baldwin City, Bonner Springs, Clay Center, Dodge City, Manhattan, Mission, North KC, Parkville, Smithville, and Washington, we will work with you to customize a vision plan that meets your needs. 

Glasses - Pros and Cons

In the long run, glasses will cost you less due to the infrequency of having to replace them vs. contact lenses. Because you do not have to physically touch your eyes, glasses are also advantageous to those who are prone to infections and who may be worried about cleanliness. With all of the new technology surrounding eyewear, glasses can protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays and as an added bonus, can be customized with a blue light filter to ease eye strain caused by staring at a computer screen for an extended length of time.

That being said, glasses can be cumbersome when playing sports or participating in an activity. Also, they may not work aesthetically for some people and the wrong fit can exacerbate headaches.

Contact Lenses - Pros and Cons

Contact lenses are an ideal choice for highly active people who need their full periphery to function in daily life; the contoured fit of this option allows for this clarity. Another advantage is that they do not interfere with fashion and can even augment your daily look if you are interested in experimenting with different eye colors. 

On the other hand, contact lenses can cause dry eye if worn for too long and are less resilient than glasses when it comes to extended time in front of a computer screen.

Choosing What Works Best for You is Our Goal

Whether you choose to wear glasses or contact lenses, Epic Vision Eye Centers cater to your needs. If you need help deciding, please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment at any of our following locations in Kansas: Baldwin City, Bonner Springs, Clay Center, Dodge City, Manhattan, Mission, North KC, Parkville, Smithville, and Washington. We will recommend what is best for you based on our professional expertise.

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