Sports Vision FAQs

If you are an athlete, you may already be aware of how crucial optimal vision is for participating in sporting activities. A significant difference can be made in your athletic performance just by having sharp vision. When we discuss sports vision, we refer to methods available to fine-tune your vision and how these changes can improve your performance in sports. At Epic Vision Eye Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients the eye care they need for daily life. Here are some common questions patients have about sports vision and how our optometry team can help.


What is sport's vision?

Sports vision is the science of helping athletes reach or maintain peak performance levels. Our sports vision training works to improve a patient's visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, eye focusing skills, peripheral awareness, and more. 

Why is it so important for athletes to have sports vision?

All athletes strive to do their best while they are out on the field. In order to have the advantage while competing, sports vision training can help. Sports such as golf, basketball, hockey, football, and many others require athletes to have visual tracking and hand-eye coordination skills. Athletes can easily improve their athletic performance by taking part in sports vision training to help enhance their visual skills during sporting activities. Athletes report experiencing improved performance out on the field after taking advantage of sports vision training.

Do I need to undergo an eye exam?

It is essential to maintain and improve your eye health while participating in physical activities. This means that if you benefit from wearing sports glasses or contact lenses to see better, you can also benefit from sports vision testing and training to ensure that your prescription provides optimal vision. Our sports vision testing involves more than what occurs during a typical eye exam. Special visual acuity, eye focusing, and other tests are required for sports vision testing.

Our Smithville optometrists will test your eyes for contrast sensitivity, ocular alignment, visual processing, eye dominance, and more. Different approaches for your sports vision training will be used based on the results of your tests.

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Give us a call today here at Epic Vision Eye Center to schedule an appointment. Our sports vision testing and training are beneficial for athletes and patients who are looking for ways to improve their visual acuity. If you want to schedule your next eye exam or have more questions about how our eye care can benefit you, contact our Baldwin City, Bonner Springs, Clay Center, Dodge City, Manhattan, North KC, Parkville, Smithville, or Washington location today. 

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