Vision Therapy

When it comes to optometry, ongoing vision therapy is ideal for ongoing and immediate vision-based needs. Eye exams, glasses and Orthokeratology work wonders, but continuous vision therapy can help your eyes work better.

Between visual tracking to enhancing acuity, therapy can help reverse day-to-day damages while assuring long-term optical effectiveness. Our staff at Epic Vision Eye Centers can provide high-quality vision therapy that is tailored to your specific needs.

vision therapy

Who Benefits from Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a drug-free, safe option for children and adults alike. Useful for improving visual skills, it’s often engaged by those who have difficulty reading, processing images or have distance impairment problems.

Roughly one in ten children have vision problems, and many adults experience reduced visual acuity with age. Vision therapy can help anyone improve their visual comfort, ease, and efficiency, assisting with long-term processing and immediate issues alike.

How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Vision therapy differs on a person-to-person basis. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask your optometrist which plan works best for you. Most programs last between six and nine months, but more intensive therapy sessions can range up to two years.

Vision therapy utilizes reading, distance training, and acuity tests. By gauging the patient’s “normal” sight, a vision therapy optometrist can help them perceive greater distances. By examining deviations from the norm, the same eye doctor can help the patient see in greater detail.

What are the Benefits of Vision Therapy?

Because vision therapy focuses on training and improving eyesight, it can help individuals view an entirely new world of options. Learning becomes easier and reading skill increases. For some, time spent working and doing homework decreases.

Your eye doctor can help you improve your agility and visual accuracy, too. By helping you see moving objects quicker, visualize mental images with more accuracy and see greater distances, they assist your journey towards a brighter future impacted by a newer, sharper vision.

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As your leading Kansas and Missouri provider, we’ll help you with quick lens and glasses delivery, too. Vision therapy is an ongoing process, but it needn’t be difficult when the right steps are taken. Embrace your vision, and let us help you make it a little better.

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