Sunglasses are prized for their stylish appearance, but don't overlook the health benefits they provide. At Epic Vision Eye Centers, we want to make high-quality sunglasses available to residents throughout Kansas and Missouri. You can pick up your new pair of sunglasses by visiting any of our locations in Baldwin City, Bonner Springs, Clay Center, Dodge City, Manhattan, North KC, Parkville, Smithville, and Washington. Do you really need a new pair of sunglasses from your optometrist? Come up with an answer to that question after going through this article.


Sunglasses Should Be Considered Essential Accessories

People often wear sunglasses for one of two reasons. They either wear them because it's sunny outside or because the sunglasses round out their look. Those are perfectly acceptable reasons for donning a pair of sunglasses, but you should know about the other benefits they provide.

Everyone should have a pair of sunglasses because they offer valuable protection. According to the Mayo Clinic, sunglasses can help prevent the development of cataracts. They do that by stopping ultraviolet light from reaching the lenses in your eyes. Given the long-term effects of cataracts, you would be well-served to keep a pair of sunglasses on hand whenever you have to head out.

Protective sunglasses can also protect people from certain diseases. Thanks to how well sunglasses protect against the sun's harmful UV rays, those accessories can help you avoid developing conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Your eye doctor may also recommend wearing sunglasses because they lower your chances of developing cancer. More specifically, sunglasses offer protection against both eye and skin cancer. Don't miss out on the protection sunglasses provide by consulting an optometrist near you.

Sunglasses Prescribed by an Eye Doctor

Sunglasses are available everywhere. You can go to any large store in your area and find a pair to wear in no time. However, you shouldn't settle for just any pair of sunglasses. The best options are always the ones prescribed by your optometrist.

Prescription sunglasses are always preferable to any pair you can pick up at a store because they account for the quality of your eyesight. You'll have an easier time wearing prescription sunglasses compared to using your regular glasses with sun shields. Those prescription lenses can also keep you comfortable by preventing headaches. An optometrist may even provide prescription sunglasses with those custom frames.

Get Your New Pair of Prescription Sunglasses Today

Stay safe whenever you're outside by getting your new pair of prescription sunglasses from us at Epic Vision Eye Centers. Visit any of our locations in Baldwin City, Bonner Springs, Clay Center, Dodge City, Manhattan, North KC, Parkville, Smithville, and Washington to obtain your new accessories. We also offer prescription sunglasses at our offices in North KC, Parkville, Smithville, and Washington.

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