Computer Vision FAQs

Computer vision is a condition that occurs when your eyes become strained from staring at a digital for long periods of time. At Epic Vision Eye Centers, serving Smithville and Kansas City, MO, our optometry team provides treatment for computer vision in addition to other eye care services. We will guide you on how to detect and avoid the condition, as well. Our goal is to keep your eyes and vision at their best. Here are some commonly asked questions about the condition.


What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is the result of looking at a computer screen all day. For many, it's their job to look at a computer screen for many hours a day. The blue light from computers, phones, and other digital screens can damage the eyes.

What Are Symptoms of Computer Vision?

Computer vision cause sore, tired, red, itchy, and dry eyes. It can also result in blurry vision and back and neck pain. If you notice your vision changing or worsening, you may have computer vision.

Can It Be Treated?

There are several ways that you avoid computer vision. Ensure that your screen is at eye level. You can lower the brightness or use night mode to protect your eyes. Try to take breaks and remind yourself to blink more.

Can Computer Vision Be Treated?

Our optometrist will perform an eye exam to determine if you have computer vision. We may suggest eye therapy to help with the comfort of your eyes. This includes exercises like blinking several times to help clear your blurry vision, making you and your eyes more comfortable. Simply resting your eyes for a few minutes after being on the computer for a few hours can make a noticeable difference. Our optometrist might also give you eye drops to keep your eyes lubricated.

If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, we will ensure that your prescription is up to date. If you don’t, we will perform some vision tests to see if you need vision correction. This can lessen the symptoms of computer vision.

Visit Our Optometry Team in Smithville, MO for Computer Vision Treatment

If you are experiencing symptoms of computer vision, we can help. At Epic Vision Eye Centers in Kansas City and Smithville, MO, our team will provide treatment options to alleviate your pain and improve your vision. We are happy to answer any other questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more. 

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