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Prescription sunglasses can be beneficial in protecting your eyes from the sun while also providing you with clear vision. At Epic Vision Eye Center in Kansas City, MO, we offer comprehensive eye exams to evaluate your vision and recommend prescription sunglasses that would be most suitable for you. Before visiting us, learn more about prescription sunglasses below: 

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Prescription Sunglasses Won't Damage Your Regular Glasses

Prescription sunglasses come in a few different forms. In addition to full sunglasses with prescription lenses, you can also get clip-on sunglasses or sunglasses that connect to your existing frames with magnets. These can be extremely convenient, especially if they're made for your specific glasses. However, it is important that they are attached correctly to prevent from falling off and scratching the frames.

Protection from Bright Light

Since bright sunlight can be dangerous and inconvenient for your eyes, it’s important to purchases glasses with UV protection. Prescription sunglasses can provide your eyes the necessary shade and protect your eyes from the glare from the sun that can be painful.

Provide Clear Vision

If you have regular prescription lenses that you wear most of the time and then you switch to non-prescription sunglasses when you're outside, you're not going to get the corrected visual acuity that you need. If you're not driving or engaging in activities that require sharper vision, regular sunglasses may be useful. However, sunglasses with a prescription can increase visual clarity anytime you are outdoors.

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If you are considering prescription sunglasses, our team at Epic Vision Eye Center is happy to help. We will evaluate your eyes and help you find the ideal glasses that will improve your vision. Along with that, our team offers a variety of services, such as eye exams, contact fittings, and surgical procedures to improve your eye health. To learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment, contact our office or visit our website today.

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