Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment at Epic Vision Eye Centers

Diabetes affects over 30 million Americans, placing them at risk for many kinds of serious health complications. One of these complications, sadly, is eye damage and permanent vision loss in the form of diabetic eye disease. If you worry about what diabetes might do to your eyesight, pay a visit to the optometry experts at Epic Vision Eye Centers, with 12 locations in Kansas and Missouri.

Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment

The Dangers of Diabetic Eye Disease

When food is digested by the body, it is broken down into a number of substances, including glucose, a type of sugar. While some glucose is burned for energy and is necessary for the body to function, excess glucose must be removed by a pancreatic hormone called insulin. If the extra stays in the blood, it can do considerable harm to several parts of the body, from the nerves to the blood vessels. Unfortunately, the eyes play host to a number of small, relatively fragile blood vessels which maintain the health and function of the retinas.

The state of chronic high blood sugar known as diabetes places the retinal blood vessels in peril. As the blood vessels sustain damage, they may start to leak blood into the macula, the part of the retina necessary for your central field of vision. The resulting swelling, or macular edema, can distort vision and cause permanent retinal damage. In this case, new blood vessels are quickly created to replace the damaged ones, but these blood vessels are even more prone to blood leakage.

Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations from Our Optometrist

When you visit Epic Vision Eye Centers, our optometrist will be able to spot early signs of diabetic eye disease by examining the interiors of your eyes through your pupils. The earlier our optometry center can identify diabetic eye disease, the easier is it to help you maintain your eyesight. First and foremost, we will advise you to gain control over your blood sugar levels. Medications help control both blood vessel growth and other problems associated with diabetes, such as glaucoma. In severe cases, your optometrist may recommend laser-based surgical procedures to control blood vessel leakage.

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Epic Vision Eye Centers can help you keep an eye on diabetic eye disease. Call (888) 704-2851 for an appointment with an eye doctor any of our Kansas or Missouri clinics!

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