One Day Contact Lenses

Eye care is crucial to your health and your life. Don’t want to wear glasses? No problem! You’ll be pleased to know that our Epic Vision Eye Centers offer one-day contact lenses ordering services. Visit one of our nine state-of-the-art eye care locations in Smithville, MO, or Kansas, and schedule a comprehensive eye exam today.


See the World in a Whole New Light Through Exceptional Eye Care

When your eyes are examined by an optometrist in Smithville, MO or any of our other Epic Vision Eye Center locations, a uniquely crafted treatment plan will be developed especially for you. Your eye exam will include the following:

  • Basic pre-tests include an assessment of your peripheral vision, your sensitivity to color, and glaucoma (otherwise known as an “air puff” test).
  • A light used by the optometrist tests the way your pupils respond to light. The light will also be used to examine your eye’s surface to check for dry eye, cornea scratches, and the existence of bacteria in the eye.
  • In a visual acuity test, you are asked to look at an eye chart containing letters and numbers of various sizes. The level of clarity in your reading what is on the chart helps the optometrist establish what needs you have when it comes to a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Enjoy Our Easy-to-Order One Day Contact Lenses Service

After your eye exam, it may be determined that you need a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, which will afford you the beauty of better seeing the world around you.

Choosing contact lenses? Good news:

  • If you need that prescription for sharper vision, we have one-day contact lenses services that will get you seeing better in no time!
  • Ordering one-day contact lenses are fast and easy, and the service is available right on our website.
  • Choose the brand and type of lenses you want, and your one-day contact lenses will be shipped right to our door.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Optometrist in Smithville, MO for One Day Contact Lenses

At Epic Vision Eye Centers, we have been sharing the benefits of one-day contact lenses with our patients for many years. When you first visit our office, our eye doctor will evaluate your condition to determine whether or not these lenses are right for you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today or request an appointment online.

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