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If you have an eye emergency (including eye pain or sudden vision loss) please call the office directly. If the office is closed and no after hour number to call is given on our answering system please report to your local emergency room immediately.

Epic Vision Eye Centers in Parkville

Epic Vision Eye Center will help you find the best optometrist in the Parkville area. We have 13 different locations serving the KS and MO areas. Parkville is located approximately five miles north of Kansas City, MO in Parkville's historic downtown area. All of our branches proudly serve you with all of the state of the art vision care and treatments that you may need. Your doctor will be one of our highly-qualified doctors in the field of optometry. We all have a passion for our community and continue to serve it both in the workplace and through our continuing education and volunteer work. 

Optometry Services Offered at our Parkville Eye Center

When you start to look at all of the different options in optometry care and vision treatments, it can seem overwhelming. Which one is right for you? We promise to help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle the best. Since no eye care plan is one size fits all, our Parkville doctors will talk to you about what works best for YOU. 

Upon your initial visit, we will check for visual acuity and glaucoma. These basic tests are done with state of the art equipment and computers to measure the most accurate prescription or treatment for you. From there, you may choose to get fitted for glasses, sunglasses, or even contacts. Our options include the best brand names in optometry and we stand behind every product that we use.

Alternative Optometry Care

Epic Vision Eye Care in Parkville doesn't stop there with our optometry care plans. We also can evaluate and manage LASIK™ eye surgery for those that prefer to go with a corrective vision plan and ditch the lenses and glasses; however, not every patient finds this to be the best plan for them. We can guide you through alternative plans that will help you with your vision. Some of our patients find that they may not be a good fit for LASIK™, but a slightly older vision corrective surgery called PRK is a better fit for them.  Some of our patients choose to use an overnight corrective contact lens called Ortho-K. This is a hard lens that reshapes the cornea. You take them out in the morning and enjoy fresh and accurate vision throughout the course of the day. 

In many cases, our patients need vision treatments that are designed to create exercises and treatment plans that help both eyes work together in a better way. We will design a program for you that will meet your goals whether you want to eliminate headaches, achieve optimal vision when playing sports, or be able to read for extended periods of time with no pain or interference. 

Many of our patients spend a lot of time at the screen, and we can help you with Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment. This can do a wide variety of things such as eliminate headaches, blurred vision, pain in the neck, shoulders and eyes. 

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