Eye Floaters

What Are Floaters?

Eye floaters are spots in your vision, and in most cases, they start to appear as people get a little older. While a patient may recognize their own floaters, it takes a Doctor of Optometry to shed light on what they really mean, and if specialized treatment is required.

Inside the eye, there is a jelly-type substance and begins to liquefy. When that happens microscopic fibers clump together and cast shadows on the retina. These are floaters.

You may be experiencing floaters if:

  • It looks like there are specks, strings, or floating materials in the air.
  • You seem to see spots, but they vanish when you move your eyes or really try to look at them.
  • Spots are noticeable against a plain background, such as a wall or the sky.

What Are Floaters?

When to See an Eye Doctor about Floaters

While a few floaters are tolerable, if they suddenly seem to increase or you experience flashes of light along with the floaters, it is time to see an optometrist who can help you identify why floaters are playing a larger role in your life. In some cases, these may also be accompanied by reduced peripheral vision as well. This could indicate a serious problem with your retinas including:

  • Retinal tears and/or detachment - Tears happen when the gelled part of the eye becomes heavy enough to pull on the retina and tear it, and if left untreated, detachment may occur because fluid behind the retina can create a gap behind the eye, resulting in vision loss.
  • Eye Inflammation - - when the eyes become inflamed, they can release debris, that can appear as floaters.
  • Eye Bleeding - due to diabetes, hypertension, or blocked blood vessels
  • Reaction to surgery- eye bubbles sometimes form due to post-surgery medications, which cast shadows, which appear as floaters

Who Gets Eye Floaters?

There are many factors that are a sign you should be on the lookout for eye floaters and let your optometrist know if they become a problem. Increased risks happen to those older than 50,  are nearsighted, have experienced eye trauma, have diabetic retinopathy, eye inflammation, or have had surgery for cataracts.

Regardless of your history of eye floaters, getting your eyes checked regularly by a Doctor of Optometry is important for taking care of your vision and overall eye health. At Epic Vision Eye Centers, our network of clinics and optometrist are committed to helping you see your best.

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