Coping with Eye Floaters

It can be frustrating when you have something unwanted in your field of vision. That frustration worsens when there is nothing you can do about it. Eye floaters are a common occurrence for people, but that does not mean you want to deal with them. Our team at Epic Vision Eye Centers is here to share some strategies for coping with eye floaters. We have offices serving the communities of:


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What Are Eye Floaters, and What Causes Them?

Eye floaters are shapes that float across your vision, such as cobwebs, threads, lines, or spots. Many people have experienced them, and they can be normal with natural changes in the eye. Eye floaters can also be caused by eye injuries, uveitis, eye infections, bleeding, vitreous detachment, retinal detachment, and retinal tears.

Eye floaters can come and go for some people, but they can be constant for others. It is important to see your eye doctor if your eye floaters do not go away, new ones suddenly appear, or you notice something like a curtain over your vision.

You normally do not have to worry about eye floaters, but having your eyes checked by your optometrist can ensure nothing is wrong. Your optometrist will be able to treat you immediately if they find any issues.

Tips for Coping With Eye Floaters

You do not need to do anything if your eye floaters do not bother you and your eye doctor says everything is fine. The following tips might help you if your eye floaters are bothering you:

•             Massage your forehead: Some people have found relief by rubbing the space between their temples and eyebrows. You should try rubbing your forehead backward and forward several times.

•             Eat a healthy diet: Proper nutrition improves eye and general health.

•             Roll your eyes: Rolling your eyes can help with floaters. You should try moving your eyes up and down and side to side.

You should consider speaking to your eye doctor about surgery if your eye floaters bother you too much.  

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