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Most patients who visit our Epic Vision Eye Centers have heard of hyperopia as the condition called farsightedness.  This disorder is a refractive error affecting as many as one of every four Americans.  A comprehensive eye exam by our optometrist will reveal this problem and the best way to treat it.  In addition to our main office in Smithville, MO, we offer 11 additional Kansas and Missouri locations.


Overview of Farsightedness

An eye with hyperopia has an abnormal shape.  Seeing close objects clearly is much harder than viewing those at a distance.  For some farsightedness sufferers, however, both objects close and far away look blurry.

Light that reaches an eye with a normal shape enters the eye, undergoes refraction, bends while traveling through the cornea, and arrives in focused form on the retina.  As soon as the retina detects it, it unscrambles its code and transmits information via the optic nerve to the brain that results in an image.

In a farsighted eye, light lands behind the retina instead of on it since the eye is short or misshapen.  Our optometrist notes that sometimes hyperopia occurs because of a flattened lens or cornea.

The most frequent symptoms our farsighted patients experience include:

  • Blurred images, particularly with close objects
  • Squinting
  • Eyestrain
  • Headache or other type of discomfort after doing close work for a long time

Farsightedness Treatment Options

Farsightedness is one of many problems revealed during a comprehensive eye exam.  This exam includes procedures such as discussing any symptoms and health history, dilating the patient’s eyes, and peering through sets of lenses.  It might reveal other refractive problems such as presbyopia or nearsightedness or eye diseases such as glaucoma.

According to our optometrist, there are no particular steps to take to prevent becoming farsighted.  Each of our patients diagnosed with this disorder receives a customized treatment plan that typically includes prescription eyewear or surgery to correct this refractive problem.

Eyeglasses are the safest and easiest treatment.  Contact lenses benefit many patients.  For those whose hyperopia is mild to moderate, surgery such as LASIK, LASEK or PRK is an option.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Optometrist

Our Epic Vision Eye Centers are full-service vision care providers that accept both regular appointments and emergency cases at our main office in Smithville, MO and 11 other convenient locations in Missouri and Kansas.  An eye exam with our optometrist can diagnose refractive problems such as farsightedness and several other vision issues.  Regular exams are a proactive step toward enjoying your best vision.  Take a moment today to call us at 888-749-7755 to schedule an appointment at the office that is closest to you.

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