Macular Degeneration

Located in Kansas City, MO, Epic Vision Eye Center is here to help if you have a vision problem or concern, like macular degeneration. Understanding this condition and the issues it can bring is an important way to make the best treatment choices for your needs. 

macular degen

What Is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)?

Macular degeneration is a serious medical condition characterized by deterioration of the macula. This is the area at the back of the retina, where light focuses to provide central vision. Damage to this area results in vision loss in the center field, while peripheral vision typically remains.

Symptoms of the Types of AMD

There are two types of AMD, which are wet and dry. The damp kind is less common and results in symptoms of vision loss that come on fast. However, reversing some vision loss and preventing further loss may be possible.

The dry kind of AMD is much more common, and the symptoms are much slower to develop. This commonly includes difficulty with reading, seeing faces, seeing straight lines that look wavy, or trouble seeing well in low-light environments.

What Causes AMD?

The causes of AMD aren't known, but smoking, poor diet, and family history may be the cause in some cases. Finding ways to reduce risk is the main goal when preventing AMD. It's among the most common issues for aging eyesight.

How an Eye Doctor Can Help

Our optometrist can help with a vision problem like AMD by providing treatment options and discussing what to expect. During treatment for wet AMD, you will typically have injections that can stop the process and reduce any long-term or permanent damage. For dry AMD, the main treatment is taking vitamins, monitoring disease progression, and adjustments for changing or decreasing vision.

Book an Appointment for Help

If you're dealing with aging eyesight and need to work with an optometrist in the Kansas City, MO area, you're not alone. Reaching out to us at Epic Vision Eye Center can be the right choice to help you see as well as possible for as long as possible. Call us at Baldwin City (785) 594-2200, Bonner Springs (913) 422-7781, Clay Center (785) 632-6100, Dodge City (620) 227-2471, Manhattan (785) 539-6051, North KC (816) 256-4077, Parkville (816) 587-1320, Smithville (816) 873-0202, or Washington (785) 370-4733 to book an appointment. Additionally, schedule online to work with an eye doctor who can help with macular degeneration and other concerns.

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