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Conditions We Treat

Conditions We Treat at Epic Vision Eye Centers

Here at Epic Vision Eye Centers, in Kansas and Missouri, we treat a wide variety of eye conditions so that our patients can improve or maintain their clear sight. Some of these conditions are common, while others are more rarely encountered. Either way, we have plenty of solutions to meet your eye care needs.

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Treatment Starts with Eye Exams

The first thing an optometrist will recommend is an eye exam. A comprehensive exam, which involves dilating your pupils, is needed to spot and diagnose certain diseases. A refractive exam, on the other hand, just measures how much (if any) vision correction you need. The latter type is often given to people who want to quickly get a new pair of glasses and who don't feel a need to be checked for more issues. We recommend comprehensive exams because early detection of disease is crucial to preserving sight.

Exams are needed in order to know what else (if anything) is required. They're also needed in order to find out if someone is a good candidate for vision correction surgery.

Refractive Correction

This is, by far, the most commonly-needed service in any general optometrist's practice. Problems with refraction – the ability to focus the eyes, in layman's terms – cause blurry vision. Typically, the patient can see well at either near or far distances, but not both. Sometimes, vision is blurry at all distances.

A refraction problem is typically taken care of by prescribing eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lenses, but those aren't the only options for treating it. LASIK surgery and PRK surgery offer nearsighted patients a chance to permanently improve the shape of their corneas so that eyewear is often no longer needed. Conductive keratoplasty, or CK, is a similar surgery for farsighted people.

For those who want to get rid of their daytime glasses or contacts, but don't want surgery, there is orthokeratology. This treatment, typically referred to by its short form of ortho-k, uses a special set of extra-hard contact lenses. These are worn at night, and as you sleep, the hardness of the lenses make your corneas take on their shape. This shape is prescribed, and will allow your corneas to focus properly for the entire next day without the need for eyewear. Just keep wearing the ortho-k lenses every night to maintain the effect.

Problems with Ocular Muscle Control

Sometimes, vision problems aren't caused by basic refractive issues. Instead, they result from an inability to get the eyes to work together properly, keep them focused intently on an object or text, or get them to track fast-moving objects. These problems arise from the way the brain and ocular muscles are responding to the challenges presented to them.

To correct these issues, we offer vision therapy. This therapy uses prescribed eye exercises, computerized visual training, and in some cases, more basic appliances. The eyes, ocular muscles, and brain are trained to work together through several sessions of this training.

At the end, you or your child should enjoy improvements based on your original goals. If the goal was to see better in school, you can look forward to improvements in how long you (or your child) can read textbooks, look at the blackboard, and perform other academic requirements. If your goal was to do better at sports, both the training and your improvements will be centered on things like your ability to lock onto and track moving objects, visually react to changes in playfield situations, and make visual sense of chaotic game environments.

Learn More From Our Optometrists

To find out more about these and other services, or to schedule an appointment, just call one of our 12 Epic Vision Eye Centers locations in Kansas and Missouri. We'll be glad to see you! Contact one of our offices today to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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