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Hard to Fit Contacts at Epic Vision Eye Centers

For many individuals, enjoying optimal eyesight is as simple as popping in a pair of "over the counter" soft contact lenses. For others, however, the solution isn't quite as simple. Certain eye conditions, corrective prescriptions, and other complicating factors can render regular contacts uncomfortable or ineffective. If you've had no luck with ordinary lenses, maybe it's time you tried some extraordinary lenses -- namely, the hard to fit contacts we offer here at Epic Vision Eye Center.

Holding a contact lensWhen Ordinary Contact Lenses Won't Do

Why do certain individuals have such mixed results with ordinary contact lenses? A variety of obstacles can make these ordinarily-handy lenses less than adequate for your needs. If you have an irregular corneal curvature due to keratoconus or severe astigmatism, for instance, you won't get your answers from soft contacts, which automatically conform of the corneal shape instead of compensating for it. Another condition, giant papillary conjunctivitis, irritates some people whose eyes are sensitive to protein debris accumulations on ordinary lenses. Dry eye sufferers may find that their condition gets worse with regular contacts. Even the strength of your prescription can affect your ability to use ordinary lenses, while complications such as presbyopia require more sophisticated vision correction than ordinary contacts can provide.

Specialized Lenses from Our Eye Doctors in Kansas and Missouri

Instead of giving up on contacts altogether in favor of eyeglasses, turn to Epic Vision Eye Centers for the hard to fit contacts you need. Our eye doctor  can give you a contact lens exam to clarify exactly the exact nature and severity of your complicating factor. This enables us to make specific recommendations such as:

  • Gas permeable contacts - These rigid contacts do a better job with strong vision prescriptions than ordinary soft contacts; they also accumulate less protein debris.
  • Toric contacts - These lenses are shaped to remain motionless on the cornea for better astigmatism correction.
  • Scleral contacts - These lenses form a steady curve that extends beyond the cornea, preserving tears and compensating for keratoconus.
  • Multifocal contacts - Lenses with separate zones for near and distance correction can correct your presbyopia.
  • Hydrogel contacts - Hydrogel contacts are made of special materials that hang onto eye moisture.

Contact Our Optometrists for Your Contact Lens Answers

Who says you have to wear glasses just because your eyes make contact lens usage more challenging? Our optometrist is ready to help you find the answers to your hard to fit situation. Call Epic Vision Eye Centers at (888) 749-7755 to schedule an updated vision test and contact lens exam!

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