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LASIK Eye Surgery with our Kansas City Optometrist

LASIK is an elective, non-invasive procedure that can significantly improve vision for many people with astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. During the procedure, a laser is used to reshape the cornea, correcting many of the most common vision problems. Since its introduction in the mid-1990s, millions of people have turned to LASIK in order to permanently reduce or eliminate their need for corrective lenses, without the arduous recovery time required by more traditional invasive eye surgeries. Long-term outcomes for LASIK are excellent: research has found that over 90% of people who undergo a LASIK procedure will achieve 20/20 vision, and virtually all could see well enough to drive without corrective lenses. However, the procedure is not ideal for all patients, and it's important to thoroughly discuss all possible options with an ophthalmologist. If you're interested in LASIK in Kansas City, contact Epic Vision Eye Centers today to learn more.

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Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

LASIK procedures are intended as elective operations for patients with relatively healthy, stable eyes. People whose corrective lens prescriptions have changed within the past year, whose eyes are unusually dry, or whose corneas particularly thin are typically not ideal candidates for LASIK. The procedure is also not appropriate for children and most teenagers, or for women who are pregnant, because their eyes are likely to grow and change relatively quickly.

What to Expect

LASIK surgery typically takes only 10 minutes and is not painful. Special eye drops will be used to completely numb the eyes, and anxious patients may be given a mild sedative to help remain calm, but the procedure does not require general anesthesia. Neither the procedure nor the recovery are particularly difficult; patients may experience blurry vision for a few hours after the procedure, and thus shouldn't plan to drive home, but eye doctors will often clear patients to drive on the same day by verifying that their vision is 20/40 or better. After LASIK, most people can return to work the next day, and the most important rule is to simply avoid rubbing or irritating the eyes for about one week while they heal.

How Can Epic Vision Eye Centers Help?

Epic Vision Eye Centers has many locations throughout Missouri and Kansas. Although we do not perform Lasik procedures our experienced team offers a wide variety of services, including LASIK consultations and other procedures, and we carry a large assortment of eyeglasses to suit any style. To schedule a consultation for a LASIK Consultation or learn more about any of our services, contact us today or visit the branch nearest you.

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