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Many careers today involve a moderate to large amount of time spent staring at a computer screen. All these hours spent in front of digital screens add up to computer vision syndrome, which is less a strictly-defined condition and more a list of numerous problems that can arise from your eyes being strained. This syndrome brings a significant percentage of office workers to the eye doctor for computer vision treatment and relief from dry, red eyes, blurred vision, and related irritation and pain.  At our locations in Smithville, North Kansas City, and seven other cities, Epic Vision Eye Center treats this and many other eye and vision issues with expert care and a welcoming atmosphere.

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Who Needs Computer Vision Treatment?

Much like repeated, habitual movements can sometimes tax muscles, directing our eyes at a screen for hours every day leaves eye muscles in need of rest. Studies have shown that people tend to blink less while using a computer for hours, which causes excess eye fatigue and eye dryness. Tears, which contain oils, mucus, and many different proteins, form a supple liquid layer of fats that nourish and guard the eye, providing lubrication and insulation from the outside and keeping foreign matter and infections out.  Once a person develops chronic dry eyes, weak and unprotected spots form in this layer of liquid padding, leading to irritation and more serious issues.  In addition, glare that results from bright office lighting makes it more difficult for eyes to focus.  Incorrect glasses prescriptions may prompt eye strain while trying to read the screen.

Computer vision sufferers may notice blurred vision, eye pain, dry or scratchy eyes, redness, headaches, and even neck or back pain from straining to see the screen and holding the same position.  Keeping eyes healthy is vital to clear vision. Patients should not wait to make an appointment with an eye doctor for computer vision treatment.

Treatments, Eyeglasses, and More

A few ways of creating a work environment more hospitable to your eyes includes: 

  • The installation of a glare filter on your monitor.  
  • Working in an area with less direct bright light to cut down on glare.  
  • Giving your eyes a break every 20 minutes by looking away from your monitor. 
  • Blinking more frequently.  

To be sure you are not straining to see the screen, keep up with regular eye doctor appointments and let them evaluate your eyeglasses prescription.  They may recommend bifocals or glasses with specialized lenses.

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