Dry Eye FAQs

Although dry eye is quite common, it’s not a condition that should be neglected. By learning more about this condition, you can get the appropriate treatment to alleviate your dry eye symptoms. The following frequently asked questions from Epic Vision Eye Centers, serving residents in Kansas and Missouri, explains more about dry eye causes, symptoms and treatment.


What is dry eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep them lubricated and moist. Dry eye can also be caused by a lack of oil in your tears to retain moisture, causing your tears to evaporate quickly. This leaves your eyes dry, red, and itchy.

Why are my eyes not producing enough tears?

Tear production often decreases as you age, making seniors more susceptible to dry eye syndrome. Environmental factors like pollution, dry weather, wind or overexposure to the sun can also hinder the production of tears and lead to this condition. Certain medications and health conditions can cause dry eye. Excessive computer use can also lead to dry eye. You may even experience dry eye symptoms after having some types of eye surgery.

What are some dry eye symptoms?

Typical dry eye symptoms include itchiness, redness, dryness, sensitivity to light, blurry vision or accumulation of mucous around your tear ducts. You may feel like something is stuck in your eye, causing you to scratch incessantly.

Some people develop watery eyes as their tear ducts work overtime trying to keep their eyes hydrated. These tears are usually of low quality and evaporate quickly, making them ineffective in keeping your eyes lubricated.

How is dry eye diagnosed?

If you’re experiencing dry eye symptoms, visit our optometrist for a proper diagnosis of your condition. After evaluating your tear production and composition, our eye doctor will determine if you’re suffering from dry eye syndrome. Our optometry specialist will review your lifestyle to determine what’s causing your condition and recommend treatment to alleviate your symptoms.

Is dry eye syndrome dangerous?

Dry eye symptoms range from mild to severe. Extreme cases of dry eye can be harmful in that symptoms can impair your vision and cause damage to the cornea or surrounding tissue. Dry eye can also make you more susceptible to eye infections.

How is dry eye treated?

Our eye doctor may recommend over-the-counter eye drops to alleviate mild symptoms. For severe dry eye, we may prescribe eye medications or recommend other types of medical treatments.

Talk to Our Optometry Specialist About Dry Eye Treatment

Contact our optometrist at Epic Vision Eye Centers at 888-749-7755 today for a diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome. For your convenience, we have centers in Kansas and Missouri to meet all your optometry care needs.

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