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Colored Contacts from an Optometrist

Color Contact Lenses

Sometimes you want to change how you look in subtle ways, but you don't want that change to be permanent. Using colored contacts to change your eye color is one way to go about this and you can do it safely if you get the contacts from an optometrist. Whether you want the contacts for a costume or just for fun, you can find a range of colors and even patterns that give your eyes an incredible look. An optometrist on our team at Epic Vision Eye Center, serving Lenexa, KS, and Kansas City, MO, can help you find the right pair of lenses.

Colored Contacts Change Your Eye Color, Not Your Sight

Colored contact lenses look like regular lenses except for a ring of color that covers the iris of the eye. The contacts do not change how you see or at least the cosmetic ones don't. You can also get prescription contacts that are colored if you need vision correction.

If you want to change your eye color, you have a few options. One is to change the color entirely. In this case, the lens will have an opaque layer of color meant to cover up your natural eye color. The other option is to enhance the original color of your eyes. In other words, if you have medium blue eyes and want to enhance the blue color, you can get lenses that have a richer layer of the same color on them. The result is that the blue (or whatever color you have) of your eyes looks even more blue to observers.

There is a third type of colored contact lens, but it's not meant to change your eye color. These lenses have a light layer of color on them and are used mainly as regular contacts that are just easier to see if they happen to drop onto a surface.

One thing to be aware of is that colored contacts that you buy off the shelf can create issues. These are generic lenses that may not fit your eyes well, leading to irritation and injury. If you go to an eye doctor, however, you can get lenses made specially for your eyes. Those are much safer and much more comfortable.

Get Non-Surgical Vision Correction from an Optometrist on Our Optometry Team

We at Epic Vision Eye Center serving Lenexa, KS, and Kansas City, MO, offer non-surgical vision correction, colored contacts, and more. Call us at (888) 749-7755 to arrange for an appointment with an eye doctor on our team.

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