Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric eyecare doesn’t need to be torture or a social Grand Canyon to cross. In fact, regular checkups and eyecare are essential for catching issues early before they develop into far more serious eye and vision issues in older age. At Epic Vision Eye Center, our optometrist near you provides care for patients of all ages.

Pediatric Eye Exams

When to Start for Children?

Similar to a number of other areas and metrics that doctors watch, eye doctors recommend that children begin their regular eye exam schedule at six months of age. Based on practice and industry standards, most babies are then not examined again until they are toddlers if no issues are spotted in the first exam. From there, children are typically put on an annual eye exam schedule, making sure eye and growth development stays on track with expected norms for different ages.

Don’t Ignore Behavioral Symptoms

The above doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t bring their children in when a problem seems to be manifesting. Some of the most common signals of serious eye issues are recurring behaviors in the form of constant eye-rubbing, lots of blinking and crying, squinting, a toddler complaining of headaches, and closing one eye to see better. If any of these behaviors start happening repeatedly or in repeat combination, it’s time to bring your child to see our optometrist.

Unfortunately, very young children don’t know how to communicate properly, so issues with vision clarity or reading might not be clearly described. That can lead to young children expressing their confusion in the form of frustration and tantrums. With a specially-designed pediatric approach to eyecare, our optometrist can identify whether or not your child has vision issues, as well as how to test for them further.

Early Vision Concern Identification Matters

Catching eye issues early in Missouri, KA, with pediatric care can also provide big advantages. Many eye concerns can be treated and even reversed when caught early. What is identified in childhood oftentimes can be corrected. However, if the condition is allowed to continue into teen years and adulthood, it can affect vision directly as well as education and social skills indirectly, with lasting impacts.

Missouri, KA, Pediatric Eyecare for Your Child

Our eye doctor team at Epic Vision Eye Center regularly provides pediatric eye exams for all ages, from babies to teenagers. Call us today to schedule an appointment to get started. There's no reason to put off seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis, and pediatric eye exams are one of the best prevention tools available for eye health and vision issues. Call us today!

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