Pediatric Eye Exams

When it comes to eye care, it should be every parent’s concern to find the best pediatric eye doctor. Regular eye screening helps protect your children’s vision as they age, and our services at Epic Vision Eye Center are exemplary. Our optometrist in Smithville provides excellent vision care for both scheduled and emergency appointments in Kansas, MO.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Why Are Pediatric Eye Exams Important?

Eye exams are crucial in testing your children’s visual acuity and in the prognosis of diseases like glaucoma. Eye exams are vital in ensuring your child’s visual skills, and to ensure eyes stay healthy and with no vision problems for optimal learning and growth. Eye exams help prevent abnormalities and undiagnosed conditions which are otherwise irreversible and can result in vision loss.

Eye exams and regular care help diagnose certain eye problems and visual impairments, which cause poor vision and affect your child’s learning and development. Our family eye doctors at Epic Vision Eye Center use specific diagnostic and clinical tools to assess your child’s ocular abilities and visual health. This ensures that they can both see clearly and that they do not have any eye health issues that might worsen over time.

When to Start Pediatric Eye Care

It’s crucial to have a comprehensive eye exam for your child by the age of one. Some doctors perform limited evaluations after birth and following the first years. That helps in the detection of any minor abnormalities in ocular alignment. While most parents wait for their children to report difficulties in seeing and other visual problems, experts recommend starting these eye exams before your child starts school.

It’s not advisable to delay vision exams for children, especially young infants. There are some conditions that, if not diagnosed early, can affect the child’s vision for life. Pediatric eye exams ensure that minor issues are managed before they become severe problems that are harder to treat. Eye exams are a preventative measure to combat these issues.

Who Needs a Pediatric Eye Exam?

All children need to visit a professional for visual assessment. Eye exams are, however vital in children whose parents have major eye problems, and those with obvious symptoms already detected by an eye doctor.

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