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Optometrists with patient Here at Epic Vision Eye Centers, we offer a wide variety of services to get you seeing the world with excellent clarity. We know that your goals and preferences are unique, so we don't stick to "one size fits all" solutions. In fact, we may suggest multiple solutions or a combination of treatments to reach your peak vision capabilities. Some of these solutions and treatments include:

Eye Exams

The one thing we do recommend for everyone is eye exams. These let us (and you) learn about the condition of your eyes and if any treatments are needed. They also allow diseases to be spotted early, or if already known about, properly monitored. Such detection is essential for preserving sight and halting or slowing the progression of eye disease.

Glasses and Contacts

Eyeglasses and contact lenses are so strongly associated with eye centers that they're often used as part of the logo. We offer a wide variety of designer frames so that you will look great in glasses. We also offer contact lenses that will meet your eye care needs, are as comfortable as possible, and are convenient to obtain. In fact, you can even order your contact lens refills by mail through our site!

LASIK Surgery

If you don't want any part of glasses or contacts, but need vision correction in order to see clearly, this is one of your options. It is one of the most popular solutions of this type. With LASIK, a laser is used to reshape your corneas to provide the necessary changes in focusing ability. Typically, some improvement is noted within the first few days, with full improvement happening over a few weeks.

PRK Surgery

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a vision correction surgery that is slightly older than LASIK. Despite the slight age difference, it is still quite popular. It is now typically recommended for certain patients who aren't good candidates for LASIK. Vision improvements are typically first noticed a few days after treatment.


Orthokeratology, often shortened to ortho-K, is a solution for those who don't want surgery or aren't good candidates for it, but who also don't want to wear glasses or contacts during the day. With this system, hard contact lenses are worn during sleep and removed upon waking. These special lenses temporarily change the shape of the corneas, bringing on a vision improvement that lasts all day but that will eventually fade. Wearing the lenses each night keeps the effect in force.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Computer Vision Syndrome has a cluster of symptoms that need to be addressed. These include blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, neck pain, and similar maladies. In some cases, all it takes to relieve these problems is a pair of glasses or contacts that is made to improve vision at the typical distance from your head to the monitor. In other cases, the glasses are best combined with vision therapy and counseling on ways to minimize strain to your neck and back.

Vision Therapy

This therapy doesn't deal with visual acuity in the true sense of the term. Instead, its goal is to improve things like how well your eyes work together, how long you can focus on a moving target, and how fast your eyes can pick up motion or objects. It can help eliminate headaches, improve reading, and improve sports performance. Therapy programs are tailored according to the patient's goals to bring about the best results.

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Whether your vision needs to be improved or you simply want to make sure your eyes are as healthy as they seem, make an appointment with us today. We suggest starting with an eye exam – it's the one service everyone should have.

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