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When to See an Optometrist

When Should I see an Optometrist?

Good vision greatly adds to your quality of life. Even so, fewer than half of all Americans visit their optometrist on a regular basis. How do you know when it is time for an eye exam? Here are some signs to look for.

Sudden Decrease in Vision

People naturally experience a decrease in vision as they age. However, if you have noticed a sudden, marked decline, this could be an indication of something bigger. You should not just wait to see how things will play out. Instead, please contact our Smithville, MO office at once.

Poor Night Vision

Poor night vision greatly increases your risk of an accident. In fact, some studies show that poor night vision can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Fortunately, the right pair of prescription lenses can reduce glare and provide you with better clarity after dark. Our optometrist can provide you with a practical solution.

Loss of Depth Perception

Depth perception involves the ability to see things in three dimensions. Good depth perception also allows you to accurately determine the distance between two objects. Consequently, without good depth perception you are more likely to stumble or fall. If you are having trouble gauging distances or do not see things quite as clearly as you once did, it’s time to undergo an eye exam.

Floaters and Flashes of Light

Floaters and/or flashes of light can indicate a torn or damaged retina. This is a potentially serious problem that can result in full or partial blindness in the affected eye. Proper intervention can often resolve retinal issues and restore sight, but only if they are implemented immediately. You should seek emergency treatment if you experience either of these conditions.

Quality Eye Exams in Kansas and Missouri

Here at Epic Vision Centers, we provide high-quality eye examinations to the residents of Kansas and Missouri. If you are experiencing a problem, please contact us right away. Otherwise, do not forget to schedule your annual check-up at one of our convenient locations.

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